Gear up people: Walt Disney Pictures have announced their forthcoming movies

Movies are the best mode of entertainment as they transport the viewers into a land that is full of fantasy. If you talk of fantasy there could be no one that can make films better than Disney. If you are a Disney fan then you must buckle yourself up with a lot of snacks and with a lot of money to buy tickets because there are several movies that have been announced by Disney for the coming months. The schedule is packed for the coming two years and you can expect amazing experiences throughout with these inspiring and mesmerizing works of art.

The Upcoming Disney Animated Movies: List Of Titles and Release Dates in the coming months of 2017 are

Thor: Ragnarok

Thor Ragnarok

This superhero film is based on one of the most amazing characters and here are rumors doing rounds that you could even get to see Hulk in this movie. The release date of this movie for the audiences in UK is 27th October, 2017 and for the audiences in US the movie will be in theatres from 3rd November 2017.



This movie is based on the Mexican holiday that is dedicated to the dead and is celebrated as the day of the dead all over Mexico. This movie is going to be released in UK on 8th December 2017.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars The Last Jedi

The Star Wars franchise does not require any introduction as even the non-movie lovers know about it. Disney has announced the eighth episode of this franchise to be released in the cinemas on 15th December 2017.



This movie is supposed to be the remake of the famous film 101 Dalmatians and this time the main focus will remain on the character named Cruella De Vil. Cruella will be played by Emma Stone and the film is due to be released on 22nd December 2017.

The Upcoming Disney Animated Movies: List of Titles and Release Dates that will be released by Walt Disney Pictures in the year 2018 are

Black Panther


The first release of Disney in the year 2018 will be a superhero film named Black Panther. This is based on Marvel comics and is due to released on 9th February 2018. This is the first movie of the series.

A Wrinkle in Time

A Wrinkle in Time

This movie is supposed to be a remake of the movie named by the same name and released in 2003. It is based on a novel written by Madeleine L’Engle. This movie is due in theatres on 9th March 2018. It is supposed to have big names attached to it.

Ralph Break the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2

Ralph Break the Internet

This comedy film is 3D computer animated movie that is the sequel to the movie Wreck It Ralph. This movie is going to be released in the theaters on 23rd March 2018.

Magic camp

Magic Camp

This family film is a comedy movie and is scheduled to be released in the theaters in the US on 6th April 2018. This movie stars Adam DeVine and Jeffrey Tambor as the lead characters.

Avengers: Infinity Wars

Infinity Wars

This film is the sequel to the one released in the year 2012. The main thing is that this going to be a two part movie supposed to be released on 25th May 2018 in the theaters all over UK.

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The basics of Bing optimization

Generally marketing experts concentrate on SEO for Google – Google being the number one in search engines. But frankly speaking it is not the only search engine. In fact, if your website has been negatively rated by Google’s algorithms then you might rank well in other search engines. Now, in relation to this let’s talk about Bing.


Why should you go for Bing?

Recently, the market share of Bing has been increasing as Microsoft is continuously challenging Google. The search engine rankings of comScore show that – Bing gets the share of about 17.3% of searches in the US. This was in April of 2013. Yes, that does not sound like much. But since then it has been steadily increasing. Along with Yahoo’s 12% share it comes to a complete 30%.
Non-traditional search engines like Facebook use Bing when they aren’t able to answer any queries. Bing also seems to be quite appealing to general internet users with a beautiful appealing interface, search results are integrated with Facebook results, and it also shows fun commercials.

How to Optimize?

Bing optmization

Bing has laid out certain basics in their webmaster guidelines which are to a large extent quite similar to Google’s.
• They expect content to be qualitative.
• New content is discovered through links.
• Any website that misuses the system through link schemes, paid links or any other kind of link manipulation is strictly penalized.
• Websites that are fast and have accessible sitemap files or robots.txt are liked.
• If you use any kind of rich media like Flash it might block the Bingbot from applying an index to your content.
• If multiple URLs are there, then Canonical tags are to be used so that Bing can decide which one is original.
• Content can be found and classified if on-site optimization is done. The top most tags are inclusive of the title with 65 characters, meta description with 160 characters, h1 and alt.
• Links to good external sources and internal links are well liked.
• The structure of a site is considered to be good if the URLs are clean without any extraneous parameters, there is proper hierarchy of content from the homepage, and the navigation is user friendly.
• The focus of the content is determined by the usage of Keyword in content and the internal link anchor texts.

Bing Webmaster Tools

Bing web master tools

Quite like Google, Bing also lets its webmasters use their free Webmaster Tools. This would help them learn more about the presence of the website on Bing. Bing Webmaster Tools can be used to configure the site maps of your website, URLs can be submitted or ignored, links can be disavowed, and ownership can be verified.
Bing Webmaster Tools also gives you complete reports for the website which is inclusive of the Page Traffic. This would show the visibility, the click through rate as well as the average position on Bing. Bing also helps you out with tools and diagnostics like keyword research tool, link explorer tool, the SEO analyzer and several others.
As can be seen, Bing does have a lot to offer and some really good statistics to prove its worth.

Jasni Salim

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How to add profile gadgets to your blogs

LinkedIn is the most accepted professional social media network. Professionals all around the world use it and through this, it is pretty easy to get connected with the professionals as well as the influencer’s around the world. Adding your LinkedIn profile gadget to your website will surely increase the trust value of website.


Follow the steps below to add your LinkedIn profile gadget to your blogger.

In Blogger site

  1. Open the LinkedIn Account
  2. Click the “View profile” link
  3. Click “Edit your public figure” in the right side
  4. Click “Create a public profile badge”
  5. You will be given a HTML code; copy it
  6. Open the Blogger dashboard
  7. Click “Layout”
  8. Click “Add a gadget”
  9. Click “HTML/Javascript”
  10. Paste the code
  11. Minimize the tab
  12. Again to LinkedIn page
  13. Copy the Layout code
  14. Paste that too in the blogger
  15. Click “Save arrangement”

Now you have successfully added your LinkedIn profile to your Blogger site.

Yet another most important social media platform is Twitter. It is a micro blogging platform and a fastest growing social media network. It is also important to add the twitter gadget to your blogger site.


Steps go here:

In Blogger

  1. Open the Twitter account
  2. Click “Setting and Privacy” Tab
  3. Click “Widgets”
  4. Click “Create New”
  5. You will be directed to a page where you need to paste the Twitter ID and Click “Go”
  6. Select “Embedded Timeline”
  7. Copy the HTML code
  8. Logon to Blogger dashboard
  9. Click “Layout”
  10. Click “Add a gadget”
  11. Click “HTML/Javascript”
  12. Paste the code
  13. Click “Save arrangement”

In WordPress

  1. Open WordPress dashboard
  2. Click “Appearance”
  3. Click “Widgets”
  4. Search for Twitter
  5. Add the Twitter ID
  6. Click “Save”

Happy to see the twitter profile too in your blog? Great!

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How wordpress blogging platform work

WordPress is used to create websites that are stunning. Be it for professional or personal or even businesss websites. That is the reason that most people are choosing wordpress when it comes to blogging.

Word Press

Features of wordpress

WordPress has a number of features which are great for bloggers especially. Here are a few of them listed below:

Wordpress Features

  1. It is extremely easy to use and managing of the website is simple. It is good to create powerful platforms and to make various changes to the site or even start a site in a matter of minutes.
  2. You can register whatever domain name you want – whether it is a .com, .me, .org or .net. Once this is done, you can even map the existing domain name to wordpress in a few steps.
  3. WordPress offers various unique styles and a host of so many high quality themes.
  4. You can learn a lot about your readers and have a finger on the pulse. You can find out how you were found by them and even you can see where they are from. There are various maps and charts which are presented which show you the stats.
  5. The best support can be got from WordPress and that too using various media – forums, chats, support pages and even emails.
  6. There are mobile themes which are responsive and so you are able to ensure that your site looks good on all kinds of devices.

How does it work

When you want to start using wordpress for blogging, all you need to do is visit the website and pick whichever URL has not been taken. You need to thenWordpress works fill in basic information and you can choose if you want to opt for the $25 annual hosting. However, if you do not choose that then you will have unlimited free hosting and a domain name which has

Then you will need to pick a theme and have a social media account connected and an introductory post which is written. After which you will need to choose what plan you want – a free one or a paid for one and then create your account.

Customization of the blog

Once you have logged into the account you will be able to see the dashboard which is very user friendly. There are themes which are available – either free ones or paid ones can be chosen.  You can also create new pages and posts. Once you create the page or the post you need to publish it. When you click on the publish button it goes live. You can add tags to it so that it becomes more searchable. In order to create hype, you can share it with your friends on social media as well.

One major point to remember is that when creating of these blogs, you need to be online. You will also be able to get support from the site in various forms and you can even create blogs and use it as a source of income.


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Why should you make use of Google analytics for your website?

When you start with a website the most important thing that you want to know is the performance of your website. This is an important thing to know because then only you can figure out what all steps you need to take to boost up your website’s popularity. One of the methods to know about the performance of your website is by making use of Google analytics.

Google Analytics

Google analytics is great tool that not only gives you data on the performance of your website on organic search front but also on the paid searches. This tool is considered a powerful one because it also make sure that you know about the way the users of the website reacted on it giving you a detailed analysis of all the visitors and their action on your website. You will also get to know about the types of keywords that were used and that led to your website become one of the top priorities on the search engine.


The most important and the best part is that it is totally free and you need not make an investment to avail the service. The work of this tool is to provide you with the analytical data. This data can be used by you to connect to your website visitors by providing them what they want and need and that is feasible.

GA features

When you start with and SEO campaign it becomes important know about the success of it. The success can be measured by using Google analytics as it can provide you with the information on which of your campaigns actually paid off and brought in most ROIs. Thus Google analytics will help you track the results related to various types of campaign related to digital marketing and keep a good amount of information about your website handy.

Why you should learn Google analytics

There are many reasons that make it mandatory for any website owner to adopt Google analytics to track the traffic on their website

It is free

Though Google analytics offer a quality that is comparable to most of the expensive services available in the market, it is free of cost. High quality for no cost is one of the USPs of this service from Google.

It gives you information about the actions of the visitors

Is service is aimed at providing you the information about the performance of your website. But along with that it also helps you identify the key points that will encourage the visitor to make purchase or sign up on your website. This is very important because only when visitors get signed up, they can receive your news letter and the latest news about various activities on your website.

GA dashboard

It also helps you find out the links and pages that attract your visitors the most. You can use this information to enhance the look, feel and usability of those pages and links. Thus Google analytics makes sure that the quality of your website gets better while you make your website more user friendly depending on the information that you gather.

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