How to add profile gadgets to your blogs

LinkedIn is the most accepted professional social media network. Professionals all around the world use it and through this, it is pretty easy to get connected with the professionals as well as the influencer’s around the world. Adding your LinkedIn profile gadget to your website will surely increase the trust value of website.


Follow the steps below to add your LinkedIn profile gadget to your blogger.

In Blogger site

  1. Open the LinkedIn Account
  2. Click the “View profile” link
  3. Click “Edit your public figure” in the right side
  4. Click “Create a public profile badge”
  5. You will be given a HTML code; copy it
  6. Open the Blogger dashboard
  7. Click “Layout”
  8. Click “Add a gadget”
  9. Click “HTML/Javascript”
  10. Paste the code
  11. Minimize the tab
  12. Again to LinkedIn page
  13. Copy the Layout code
  14. Paste that too in the blogger
  15. Click “Save arrangement”

Now you have successfully added your LinkedIn profile to your Blogger site.

Yet another most important social media platform is Twitter. It is a micro blogging platform and a fastest growing social media network. It is also important to add the twitter gadget to your blogger site.


Steps go here:

In Blogger

  1. Open the Twitter account
  2. Click “Setting and Privacy” Tab
  3. Click “Widgets”
  4. Click “Create New”
  5. You will be directed to a page where you need to paste the Twitter ID and Click “Go”
  6. Select “Embedded Timeline”
  7. Copy the HTML code
  8. Logon to Blogger dashboard
  9. Click “Layout”
  10. Click “Add a gadget”
  11. Click “HTML/Javascript”
  12. Paste the code
  13. Click “Save arrangement”

In WordPress

  1. Open WordPress dashboard
  2. Click “Appearance”
  3. Click “Widgets”
  4. Search for Twitter
  5. Add the Twitter ID
  6. Click “Save”

Happy to see the twitter profile too in your blog? Great!

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