The basics of Bing optimization

Generally marketing experts concentrate on SEO for Google – Google being the number one in search engines. But frankly speaking it is not the only search engine. In fact, if your website has been negatively rated by Google’s algorithms then you might rank well in other search engines. Now, in relation to this let’s talk about Bing.


Why should you go for Bing?

Recently, the market share of Bing has been increasing as Microsoft is continuously challenging Google. The search engine rankings of comScore show that – Bing gets the share of about 17.3% of searches in the US. This was in April of 2013. Yes, that does not sound like much. But since then it has been steadily increasing. Along with Yahoo’s 12% share it comes to a complete 30%.
Non-traditional search engines like Facebook use Bing when they aren’t able to answer any queries. Bing also seems to be quite appealing to general internet users with a beautiful appealing interface, search results are integrated with Facebook results, and it also shows fun commercials.

How to Optimize?

Bing optmization

Bing has laid out certain basics in their webmaster guidelines which are to a large extent quite similar to Google’s.
• They expect content to be qualitative.
• New content is discovered through links.
• Any website that misuses the system through link schemes, paid links or any other kind of link manipulation is strictly penalized.
• Websites that are fast and have accessible sitemap files or robots.txt are liked.
• If you use any kind of rich media like Flash it might block the Bingbot from applying an index to your content.
• If multiple URLs are there, then Canonical tags are to be used so that Bing can decide which one is original.
• Content can be found and classified if on-site optimization is done. The top most tags are inclusive of the title with 65 characters, meta description with 160 characters, h1 and alt.
• Links to good external sources and internal links are well liked.
• The structure of a site is considered to be good if the URLs are clean without any extraneous parameters, there is proper hierarchy of content from the homepage, and the navigation is user friendly.
• The focus of the content is determined by the usage of Keyword in content and the internal link anchor texts.

Bing Webmaster Tools

Bing web master tools

Quite like Google, Bing also lets its webmasters use their free Webmaster Tools. This would help them learn more about the presence of the website on Bing. Bing Webmaster Tools can be used to configure the site maps of your website, URLs can be submitted or ignored, links can be disavowed, and ownership can be verified.
Bing Webmaster Tools also gives you complete reports for the website which is inclusive of the Page Traffic. This would show the visibility, the click through rate as well as the average position on Bing. Bing also helps you out with tools and diagnostics like keyword research tool, link explorer tool, the SEO analyzer and several others.
As can be seen, Bing does have a lot to offer and some really good statistics to prove its worth.

Jasni Salim


About jasnisalim

Im a Btech graduate having 6 years of experience as a freelance content developer. Currently pursuing SEO course.
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